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 Author: Paulo Nunes aka:Jimmy
 Url: http://syndicate-fx.com/gpthemes
 Date: 02/21/2010

@import url("../reset.css");

/*Type styles*/
body{font:12px normal Lucida Grande,Verdana,Bitstream Vera Sans,Arial,sans-serif;}
#header h1{font-size:50px;}
#header h1 a{color:#222;}
#page h1{background:url(../images/page.png) 0 2px no-repeat; padding-left:15px;}
h1{font-size:20px; color:#666; padding:10px;}
h2{font-size:16px; color:#999; padding:5px;}
h3{font-size:14px; color:#ccc; padding:5px;}
h4{font-size:12px; color:#666; padding:5px;}

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